Event Name Locations Participants
All Day
BHS - Tennis Courts Unavailable Bellingham Tennis Bellingham High School
COR - Cordata Parking Lot Project Cordata Elementary School Cordata Elementary School
DO BR: SIOP Capacity Builders Training District Office Board Room District Office
KMS - Fields Unavailable due to Construction Kulshan Field Kulshan Middle School
LO - Gym Floor Refinishing Lowell Gym Lowell Elementary School
SB - Flooring Replacement, Playground Construction Room 14
Silver Beach Annex A
Silver Beach Annex B
Silver Beach Annex C
Silver Beach Annex Gym
Silver Beach Big Gym
Silver Beach Cafeteria
Silver Beach Covered Play Shed
Silver Beach Library
Silver Beach Lower Commons
Silver Beach Music Room
Silver Beach Office
Silver Beach Offsite Event
Silver Beach Parking Lot
Silver Beach Playground
Silver Beach Room 01
Silver Beach Room 06
Silver Beach Room 07
Silver Beach Room 08
Silver Beach School Event
Silver Beach Upper Commons
Silver Beach Classroom
Silver Beach Elementary School
SL Gym-floor refinishing and wall carpet install Sunnyland Gym Sunnyland Elementary School
SqHS - Tennis Courts Unavailable Squalicum Tennis Courts Squalicum High School
WMS - Gym #1 & #2 Unavailable Whatcom Gym 2
Whatcom Gym 1
Whatcom Middle School
12:00 am
6:30 am
7:00 am
ALD - YMCA Summer Use 2023 Alderwood Cafeteria
Alderwood Gym
HV - YMCA Summer Use 2023 Happy Valley Cafeteria
Happy Valley Gym
7:30 am  
8:00 am
2023 Summer School - TBD Options High School Options High School
BHS: Dance Team Bootcamp Bellingham Gym Bellingham High School
GC - YMCA Summer Use 2023 Gordon Carter Open Space YMCA
8:30 am
SHS - Grand Slam Baseball Camp Sehome Baseball Field Sehome High School
SHS Grand Slam in Commons Sehome Commons Sehome High School
9:00 am
DO 114 Capital DNP District Office Conference Room 114 District Office
DO 133A Capital District Office Conference Room 113-A District Office
HV- Summer Connection w/WWU Happy Valley Idea Lab
Happy Valley Classrooms
Happy Valley Elementary School
SHS - Team 360 Hoops Sehome Main Gymnasium Team 360 Hoops
Whatcom Family YMCA Track and Field Camp Sehome Football Turf Field/Track YMCA Youth Sports
9:30 am
SMS - Apex NW Volleyball Practice Shuksan Gym - New
Shuksan Gym - Old
Apex NW
10:00 am
FMS - Bellingham Coding and Robotics Club STEM Camps Fairhaven Gymnasium: West
Fairhaven Gymnasium: East
Bellingham Coding and Robotics Club
10:30 am
11:00 am
11:30 am  
11:45 am
Agape Service Project - Youth Shower Time Sehome Locker Room (female)
Sehome Locker Room (male)
Agape Service Project
12:00 pm
SHS - Grand Slam Baseball Camp Sehome Baseball Field Sehome High School
12:30 pm
1:00 pm
1:30 pm
2:00 pm
DO 212 Charrette DNP District Office Conference Room 212 District Office
2:30 pm  
3:00 pm
Sehome Soccer Player only practices Sehome Soccer Field Sehome High School
3:30 pm
5:30 pm
6:00 pm
Open Tennis - All Comers Sehome Tennis Courts Sehome High School
SHS- Rangers soccer practice Sehome Soccer Field Whatcom Rangers
6:30 pm
All Hands Whatcom: An evening with Sam Quinones, author of Least of Us Bellingham Commons
Bellingham PAC
Chuckanut Health Foundation
7:00 pm
11:30 pm