Upcoming Events Date & Time
Thu  07/18/2024  9:00 am - 3:30 pm
Fri  07/19/2024  9:00 am - 3:30 pm
Thu  08/15/2024  (All Day)
Mon  08/19/2024  (All Day)
Mon  08/19/2024  9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Mon  08/26/2024  (All Day)
Mon  08/26/2024  (All Day)  to
Wed  08/28/2024  (All Day)
Wed  08/28/2024  11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Thu  08/29/2024  (All Day)
Thu  08/29/2024  8:00 am - 3:00 pm
SB Kindergarten/Promise K Family Entry Conferences Fri  08/30/2024  8:00 am - 3:00 pm
Labor Day Mon  09/02/2024  (All Day)
SB 1st Day for Kindergarten & Promise K Tue  09/03/2024  8:00 am - 3:30 pm
Elementary Early Dismissal Thu  09/05/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Ganesh Chaturthi Fri  09/06/2024  (All Day)
SB Picture Day Tue  09/10/2024  8:00 am - 2:30 pm
EDI: Enkutatash Wed  09/11/2024  (All Day)
All Schools Early Dismissal Thu  09/12/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Hispanic and Latino(a) Heritage Month Sun  09/15/2024  (All Day)  to
Tue  10/15/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Chuseok Mon  09/16/2024  (All Day)  to
Wed  09/18/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Mawlid-al-Nabi Mon  09/16/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Moon Festival Tue  09/17/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Tet Trung Thu Tue  09/17/2024  (All Day)
All Schools Early Dismissal Thu  09/19/2024  (All Day)
No School/Teacher Workday Fri  09/20/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Mabon Sun  09/22/2024  (All Day)
Elementary Early Dismissal Thu  09/26/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Disability History and Awareness Month Tue  10/01/2024  (All Day)  to
Thu  10/31/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Hindu Heritage Month Tue  10/01/2024  (All Day)  to
Thu  10/31/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Dashain Festival Thu  10/03/2024  (All Day)  to
Sat  10/12/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Feast of Trumpets Thu  10/03/2024  (All Day)  to
Fri  10/04/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Navratri/Dussehra Thu  10/03/2024  (All Day)  to
Sat  10/12/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Rosh Hashanah Thu  10/03/2024  (All Day)  to
Fri  10/04/2024  (All Day)
Elementary Early Dismissal Thu  10/03/2024  (All Day)
SB Fall Open House Thu  10/03/2024  5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
EDI: Feast of St. Francis of Assisi Fri  10/04/2024  (All Day)
All Schools Early Dismissal Thu  10/10/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Birth of the Guru Granth Thu  10/10/2024  (All Day)
EDI: National Coming Out Day Fri  10/11/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Day of Atonement Sat  10/12/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Dia de la Raza Sat  10/12/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Yom Kippur Sat  10/12/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Indigenous Peoples" Day Mon  10/14/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Feast of Tabernacles Wed  10/16/2024  (All Day)  to
Wed  10/23/2024  (All Day)
All Schools Early Dismissal Thu  10/17/2024  (All Day)
B Day Thu  10/17/2024  (All Day)
ERDI: Sukkot Thu  10/17/2024  (All Day)  to
Wed  10/23/2024  (All Day)
No School/Teacher Workday Fri  10/18/2024  (All Day)
Elementary Early Dismissal Thu  10/24/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Halloween Thu  10/31/2024  (All Day)
Elementary Early Dismissal Thu  10/31/2024  (All Day)
EDI: All Saints' DAy Fri  11/01/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Dia de los Muertos Fri  11/01/2024  (All Day)  to
Sat  11/02/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Diwali Fri  11/01/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Native American Heritage Month Fri  11/01/2024  (All Day)  to
Sat  11/30/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Samhain Fri  11/01/2024  (All Day)
EDI: All Souls'Day Sat  11/02/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Birth of Bab Sat  11/02/2024  (All Day)
Daylight Saving Time Ends Sun  11/03/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Birth of Baha u llah Sun  11/03/2024  (All Day)
Elementary Early Dismissal Thu  11/07/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Veteran's Day Mon  11/11/2024  (All Day)
Veteran's Day Mon  11/11/2024  (All Day)
All Schools Early Dismissal Thu  11/14/2024  (All Day)
A Day Fri  11/15/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Transgender Day of Remembrance Wed  11/20/2024  (All Day)
Elementary Early Dismissal Thu  11/21/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Sun  11/24/2024  (All Day)
All Schools Early Dismissal Wed  11/27/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Thanksgiving Thu  11/28/2024  (All Day)
Thanksgiving/No School Thu  11/28/2024  (All Day)
Thanksgiving Holiday/No School Fri  11/29/2024  (All Day)
Elementary Early Dismissal Thu  12/05/2024  (All Day)
B Day Tue  12/10/2024  (All Day)
All Schools Early Dismissal Thu  12/12/2024  (All Day)
Elementary Early Dismissal Thu  12/19/2024  (All Day)
Winter Break Mon  12/23/2024  (All Day)  to
Fri  01/03/2025  (All Day)
Kwanzaa (Starts) Thu  12/26/2024  (All Day)
New Years Day/No School Wed  01/01/2025  (All Day)
B Day Tue  01/07/2025  (All Day)
B Day Thu  01/09/2025  (All Day)
Elementary Early Dismissal Thu  01/09/2025  (All Day)
Elementary Early Dismissal Thu  01/16/2025  (All Day)
Martin Luther King Day Mon  01/20/2025  (All Day)
No School for Students/ Built -In Weather Makeup Day Tue  01/21/2025  (All Day)
Treaty Day/No School Wed  01/22/2025  (All Day)
Elementary Early Dismissal Thu  01/23/2025  (All Day)
All Schools Early Dismissal Thu  01/30/2025  (All Day)
Elementary Early Dismissal Thu  02/06/2025  (All Day)
All Schools Early Dismissal Thu  02/13/2025  (All Day)
President's Day Mon  02/17/2025  (All Day)
Presidents Day/No School Mon  02/17/2025  (All Day)
All Schools Early Dismissal Thu  02/20/2025  (All Day)
Districtwide Winter Blast Event (Sportsplex) 4 to 8 p.m. Fri  02/21/2025  (All Day)
Elementary Early Dismissal Thu  02/27/2025  (All Day)
Elementary Early Dismissal Thu  03/06/2025  (All Day)
Daylight Saving Time Begins Sun  03/09/2025  (All Day)
All Schools Early Dismissal Thu  03/13/2025  (All Day)
No School/ Teacher Workday Fri  03/14/2025  (All Day)
All Schools Early Dismissal Thu  03/20/2025  (All Day)