Event Name Locations Participants
All Day
Field closed for repair Wade King Grass Field Wade King Elementary School
12:00 am
5:30 am
6:00 am
Cordata Cafeteria Floor Strip and Wax Cordata Elementary School Cordata Elementary School
6:30 am  
7:00 am
BHS: 9th Grade Orientation Bellingham Weight Room
Bellingham Tennis Court 6
Bellingham Tennis Court 5
Bellingham Tennis Court 4
Bellingham Tennis Court 3
Bellingham Tennis Court 2
Bellingham Tennis Court 1
Bellingham Tennis
Bellingham Staff Lounge
Bellingham Softball Field
Bellingham Shared Gym Space
Bellingham School Event
Bellingham School
Bellingham Room 312
Bellingham Room 311
Bellingham Room 310
Bellingham Room 309
Bellingham Room 308
Bellingham Room 307
Bellingham Room 306
Bellingham Room 305
Bellingham Room 304
Bellingham Room 212
Bellingham Room 211
Bellingham Room 210
Bellingham Room 209
Bellingham Room 208
Bellingham Room 207
Bellingham Room 206
Bellingham Room 205
Bellingham Room 204
Bellingham Room 152
Bellingham Room 150
Bellingham Room 130
Bellingham Room 129
Bellingham Room 128
Bellingham Room 127
Bellingham Room 123
Bellingham Room 122
Bellingham Room 121
Bellingham Room 120
Bellingham Resource Room (Room 126)
Bellingham Parking Lot
Bellingham Orchestra/Band Room
Bellingham Offsite Event
Bellingham Multicultural Center
Bellingham Mat Room
Bellingham Locker Rooms
Bellingham Library
Bellingham Lab 115
Bellingham Kitchen
Bellingham Gym
Bellingham Green Room 135
Bellingham Football/Soccer Turf Field
Bellingham Conference Room 109
Bellingham Computer Lab 303
Bellingham Computer Lab 203
Bellingham Computer Lab 140
Bellingham Computer Lab 114
Bellingham Community Transitions
Bellingham Commons
Bellingham Classroom
Bellingham Choir Room
Bellingham Baseball Field
Bellingham 3rd Floor Lounge
Bellingham 2nd Floor Lounge
Bellingham 1st Floor Wing
Bellingham High School
DO 102/103 Transportation Professional Learning District Office Room 102
District Office Room 103
District Office
7:30 am
DO 202/203: Silver Beach Staff - Level 1 IB training DNP District Office Room 202
District Office Room 203
District Office
8:00 am
SqHS XC and Track & Field Weight Room Squalicum Weight Room Squalicum High School
8:30 am  
9:00 am
BPS AVID Summer Institute Shuksan Library Shuksan Middle School
9:30 am
11:30 am
12:00 pm
OHS - Building-Based PD Options High School Options High School
12:30 pm
CUBS day-incoming 6th graders Fairhaven 7th Grade Bookroom
Fairhaven Band Room
Fairhaven Chat Room
Fairhaven Commons
Fairhaven Conference Room A
Fairhaven Conference Room B
Fairhaven Conference Room C
Fairhaven Courtyard
Fairhaven Fields
Fairhaven Gymnasium: East
Fairhaven Gymnasium: West
Fairhaven Library back room
Fairhaven Media Arts Lab
Fairhaven Media Tech
Fairhaven Offsite Event
Fairhaven Orchestra Room
Fairhaven Parking Lot
Fairhaven Portable B
Fairhaven Room 101
Fairhaven Room 102
Fairhaven Room 103
Fairhaven Room 104
Fairhaven Room 105
Fairhaven Room 201
Fairhaven Room 202
Fairhaven Room 203
Fairhaven Room 204
Fairhaven Room 205
Fairhaven Room 206
Fairhaven Room 207
Fairhaven Room 208
Fairhaven Room 301
Fairhaven Room 302
Fairhaven Room 303
Fairhaven Room 304
Fairhaven Room 305
Fairhaven Room 306
Fairhaven Room 307
Fairhaven Room 308
Fairhaven Room 309
Fairhaven Room 310
Fairhaven Room 311
Fairhaven Room 312
Fairhaven Room 313 - Computer Lab
Fairhaven Room 314
Fairhaven Room 315
Fairhaven Room 316
Fairhaven Room 317
Fairhaven Room 318
Fairhaven School Event
Fairhaven Staff Lounge
Fairhaven Stage
Fairhaven Library
Fairhaven Middle School
1:00 pm
3:30 pm
4:00 pm
CO: Popsicles & Play for Kindergarteners Columbia Playground Kindergarten - Columbia
4:30 pm
CO: CPA Welcome Back Potluck Columbia Playground Columbia Elementary School
5:00 pm
5:30 pm
6:00 pm
NWC Coaches Meetings Bellingham Library
Bellingham Room 212
Bellingham Room 211
Bellingham Room 210
Bellingham Room 209
Bellingham Room 208
Bellingham Room 207
Bellingham Room 206
Bellingham Room 205
Bellingham Computer Lab 203
Bellingham Room 204
Bellingham PAC
Bellingham Commons
Bellingham High School
6:30 pm
11:30 pm