Event Name Locations Participants
All Day
A Day   Whatcom Middle School
Squalicum High School
Shuksan Middle School
Sehome High School
Kulshan Middle School
Fairhaven Middle School
Bellingham High School
B Day - OHS   Options High School
COR- Gym Closed to Rentals for Repair Cordata Gym Cordata Elementary School
COR - Gym Field Day Prep Cordata Gym Cordata Elementary School
Field closed for repair Wade King Grass Field Wade King Elementary School
HV Check in Computers/IPads Happy Valley Library Happy Valley Elementary School
SqHS Official Transcript Requests Squalicum Offsite Event Squalicum High School
Parkview Field Day Parkview Playground Parkview Elementary School
12:00 am
7:00 am
7:30 am
DO 103 Elementary Multilingual Learner PLC District Office Room 103 District Office
8:00 am
DO 202: BASE Team Meeting (do not post) District Office Room 202 District Office
SMS - BEATS Shuksan Cafeteria
Shuksan Gym - Old
Shuksan Main Stage
Shuksan Middle School
8:30 am
SqHS 10th & 11th Grade Device Turn-in Squalicum High School SQHS Sophomores
SQHS Juniors
8:40 am
End of Year Assembly Carl Cozier Gym Carl Cozier Elementary School
9:00 am
DO 203: Communications Team Meeting District Office Room 203 District Office
9:30 am  
9:45 am
8th grade celebration Fairhaven Middle School Fairhaven Middle School
10:00 am
HV 3rd gr Fairhaven Park Playday Fairhaven Park
Happy Valley Offsite Event
Third Grade Class - Happy Valley
10:15 am
SMS 6th Grade Shuksan Grass Field Shuksan Middle School
10:30 am  
11:00 am
5th Grade Picnic - Cornwall Park Parkview Offsite Event Parkview Elementary School
11:30 am  
11:45 am
8th grade to WWU Rec Center Fairhaven Offsite Event Fairhaven Middle School
12:00 pm
7th grade walking ft-grizzly time Fairhaven Offsite Event Fairhaven Middle School
SMS Moving Up Ceremony Shuksan Gym - New
Shuksan Gym - Old
Shuksan Middle School
12:30 pm  
1:00 pm
6th grade upper field Fairhaven Fields Fairhaven Middle School
1:30 pm
2:00 pm
2:30 pm
YMCA After School Childcare Alderwood Classroom
Alderwood Gym
Birchwood Cafeteria
Birchwood Gym
Carl Cozier Cafeteria
Carl Cozier Gym
Columbia Cafeteria/Stage
Columbia North Gym
Cordata Cafeteria
Cordata Gym
Geneva Cafeteria
Geneva Gym
Happy Valley Cafeteria
Happy Valley Gym
Lowell Cafeteria
Lowell Gym
Northern Heights Cafeteria
Northern Heights Gym
Parkview Cafeteria
Parkview Gym
Roosevelt Cafeteria
Roosevelt Gym
Silver Beach Cafeteria
Silver Beach Big Gym
Sunnyland Cafeteria
Sunnyland Gym
Wade King Cafeteria
Wade King Gym
Alderwood Elementary School
Birchwood Elementary School
Carl Cozier Elementary School
Columbia Elementary School
Cordata Elementary School
Geneva Elementary School
Happy Valley Elementary School
Lowell Elementary School
Northern Heights Elementary School
Parkview Elementary School
Roosevelt Elementary School
Silver Beach Elementary School
Sunnyland Elementary School
Wade King Elementary School
3:00 pm  
3:15 pm
Football Team Meeting Room 111 Sehome Classroom Sehome High School
3:30 pm
BHS: baseball Bellingham Baseball Field Bellingham High School
Football Practice Sehome Football Turf Field/Track Sehome High School
OHS - Student Support Meetings for Staff Options Room 116 Options High School
Summer SHS Volleyball, and B/G Basketball Practices Sehome Main Gymnasium
Sehome Auxiliary Gym
Sehome High School
3:45 pm
SMS - BEATS Shuksan Cafeteria
Shuksan Library
Shuksan Main Stage
Shuksan Gym - Old
Shuksan Middle School
SqHS Boys JV & Varsity Basketball Practice Squalicum Gym Squalicum High School
4:00 pm
KMS - QSA Club Kulshan Library Kulshan Middle School
4:30 pm  
5:00 pm
BHS: G Wrestling Bellingham Mat Room Bellingham High School
DO 102/103 CT Community Meeting District Office Room 102
District Office Room 103
District Office
Dinner Program Shuksan Cafeteria Shuksan Middle School
5:30 pm  
6:00 pm
Apex NW Whatcom Gym 1 Apex NW
Apex NW Shuksan Gym - New Apex NW
Team 360 Hoops(Basketball) Sunnyland Gym Team 360 Hoops(Basketball)
6:30 pm
SqHS Drama End of Year Celebration Squalicum Forum
Squalicum Commons
Squalicum High School
SqHS Girls Basketball JV Practice Squalicum Gym Squalicum High School
7:00 pm
Bellingham Music Pep Band Bellingham Orchestra/Band Room Bellingham Music Pep Band
SqHS Girls Soccer Practice Squalicum Facilities Turf Soccer Field Squalicum High School
7:30 pm
11:30 pm