Fall 2023 Community Use of Fields and Gyms

Beginning September 18, 2023 community users can request district fields and gyms via Tandem with use beginning on October 1, 2023!

**Effective immediately, field Scoreboards are not available to be rented or used by Community Renters.**


Upcoming Events Date & Time
Tue  12/12/2023  (All Day)
Fri  12/15/2023  (All Day)
Sat  12/16/2023  (All Day)
Sat  12/16/2023  (All Day)
Thu  12/21/2023  (All Day)
Sun  12/24/2023  (All Day)
Sun  12/24/2023  (All Day)
Sun  12/24/2023  (All Day)
Mon  12/25/2023  (All Day)
Tue  12/26/2023  (All Day)
EDI: Kwanzaa (ends) Mon  01/01/2024  (All Day)
EDI: New Year's Day Mon  01/01/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Dia de los Reyes (Hispanic Christian) Sat  01/06/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Epiphany Sat  01/06/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Orthodox Christmas Day Sun  01/07/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Lohri Sat  01/13/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Orthodox New Year Sun  01/14/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Makar Sankranti/Pongal (starts) Mon  01/15/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Martin Luther King Day Mon  01/15/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Makar Sankranti/Pongal (ends) Thu  01/18/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Birth of Guru Gobind Singh Sat  01/20/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Tu B'shvat/Tu B'Shevat Thu  01/25/2024  (All Day)
EDI: International Holocaust Remembrance Day Sat  01/27/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Imbloc Thu  02/01/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Isra and Mi'raj Wed  02/07/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Lunar New Year Sat  02/10/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Ash Wednesday Wed  02/14/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Lent (starts) Wed  02/14/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Valentine's Day Wed  02/14/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Nirvana Day Thu  02/15/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Day of Remembrance (Japanese Internment) Mon  02/19/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Presidents' Day Mon  02/19/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Ayyam-i-Ha (starts) Mon  02/26/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Ayyam-i-Ha (ends) Thu  02/29/2024  (All Day)
EDI: The Baha'i Fast (starts) Thu  02/29/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Maha Shivaratri Fri  03/08/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Ramadan (starts) Sun  03/10/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Ostara Tue  03/19/2024  (All Day)
EDI: The Baha'i Fast (ends) Tue  03/19/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Palm Sunday Sun  03/24/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Purim Sun  03/24/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Holi Mon  03/25/2024  (All Day)
EDI: International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade Mon  03/25/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Lent (ends) Thu  03/28/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Maundy Thursday Thu  03/28/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Good Friday Fri  03/29/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Holy Saturday Sat  03/30/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Orthodox Holy Saturday Sat  03/30/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Easter Sun  03/31/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Ridvan (starts) Tue  04/02/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Laylat al Qadr Sat  04/06/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Passover (starts) Sat  04/06/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Ramadan (ends) Tue  04/09/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Ugadi/Yugadi/Gudi Padwa Tue  04/09/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Bun Pi Mai (starts) Wed  04/10/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Eid al-Fitr (end of Ramadan) Wed  04/10/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Passover (ends) Sat  04/13/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Vaisakhi Sat  04/13/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Vishu (Solar New Year) Sun  04/14/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Bun Pi Mai (ends) Tue  04/16/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Rama Navami Wed  04/17/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Birthday of Guru Angad Dev Thu  04/18/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Feast of Unleavened Bread (starts) Mon  04/22/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Dia de los Niños Tue  04/30/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Feast of Unleavened Bread (ends) Tue  04/30/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Beltane Wed  05/01/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Ridvan (ends) Thu  05/02/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Orthodox Good Friday Fri  05/03/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Orthodox Easter Sun  05/05/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Ascension Day Thu  05/09/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Buddha's Birthday Wed  05/15/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Pentecost Sun  05/19/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Pentecost Sun  05/19/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Declaration of the Bab Thu  05/23/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Lag BaOmer Sun  05/26/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Trinity Sunday Sun  05/26/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Memorial Day Mon  05/27/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Ascension of Baha'u'llah Tue  05/28/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Corpus Christi Thu  05/30/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Shavuot (starts) Tue  06/11/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Shavuot (ends) Thu  06/13/2024  (All Day)
EDI: Hajj (starts) Fri  06/14/2024  (All Day)